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INVASION BY wildcat88 [LFWS #1 ROUND 6]

Title: Invasion
Author: wildcat88
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Stargate belongs to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., no infringements of any rights is intended.
Spoilers: None
Prompt for the Round: Write a whump fic using Teyla and any female character(s). Teyla POV.

INVASION by wildcat88

Teyla crawled through the darkness, the swish of cloth against metal whispering reminders of rising water and ticking clocks.

“Are we close?” Amelia asked.

“Yes, but we must hurry.”

“Do you think we can do it?”

The knot in Teyla’s chest tightened painfully. “They will drown if we do not.” She paused at the vent junction, fingering the knife at her belt. “Auxiliary control should be next. Do you remember what to do?”

Amelia drew in a loud, shaky breath. “Like Doctor McKay said. Drain the lab and open the doors.”


“Hold the room until they retake the city.”

Satisfied, Teyla crept forward, peering through the vent. “I count three,” she whispered.

Light carved stripes over Amelia’s features. “Me, too.”

Teyla inhaled deeply, centering herself, and waited until the first woman was directly underneath then kicked the vent and jumped. The woman collapsed as the grate slammed into her skull. Teyla landed and rolled, flinging her knife at the second intruder, burying the blade to the hilt in the woman’s throat.

“Quickly!” Teyla shouted.

Amelia dropped down and scrambled for the controls. Teyla swung the grate, connecting solidly with the third woman’s arm. Hissing in pain as her gun skittered across the floor, the woman spun, jabbing an elbow. Teyla blocked the blow then drove a knee into her back. The woman yelped and staggered forward then turned, launching herself bodily.

Fear and rage roiled inside Teyla as they collided in a flurry of arms, fists, elbows, and feet. Teyla stumbled backward from a blow, skidding awkwardly in a pool of blood. The woman’s boot caught her temple. Teyla slammed into a console and cried out as something cracked inside. Her knees buckled, and she clutched the panel to stay upright.

A shot exploded behind her.

“Stop,” Amelia ordered. “Please.”

The woman froze, her knife inches from Teyla’s back.

Amelia blinked owlishly as Teyla eased the gun from her quaking hands. “She was- I- Are you okay?”

“My wounds will heal. What of the others?”

Amelia turned to the controls while Teyla bound the intruders. The monitor flickered to life, and Teyla couldn’t hold back a sob. The lab was dripping wet but gloriously empty.

“We did it.”

Amelia grinned. “Yes, we did. What now?”

“Seal these doors.”

“Done. Anything else?”

“We wait.” Hand pressed to her side, Teyla gingerly took a seat. “My team will do the rest.”

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