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Reminder: Winter Fic Exchange Sign-Up & Pinch Hitters

Tomorrow, Monday, October 28th, is the last day to sign-up for the sheppard_hc Winter Fic Exchange!  Don't miss out on this once-a-year treat :) Click here to go to the sign-up post

If you can't fully commit as a participant right now, consider signing up as a pinch hitter.  I hope we won't need any white knights to the rescue, but it'd be great to have a couple on deck so we can give everyone a happy ending.  Just leave a comment with your username and email address on the sign-up post.  All comments will be screened.

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Sheppard H/C Winter Fic Exchange!

Come on over to sheppard_hc and join us for the Eighth Annual Winter (fka Secret Santa) Fic Exchange!  You know you want a brand new, sparkly gift of fic and to give one in return ;)  1500 words minimum in roughly two months.

Sign-ups are open now until Monday, October 28th. If you can't completely commit as a writer, please consider signing up as a pinch hitter!

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Shep H/C Summer Fic Challenge!!

Spreading the word about a new summer Shep H/C fic challenge over at sheppard_hc!! Come check it out!!

The Challenge

Sign up between now and Labor Day (September 2) by leaving a comment
to this post and you will get a picture prompt for the setting. You're job is to write a story set in the world that photo suggests! Postings and signups run all summer long.

All rules and details and (hopefully!) answers to all of your questions can be found here. Hope to see you there!
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Stargateland phase 4

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stargateland is an interactive fan community for all fans of the Stargate franchise. The community operates with three teams (TEAM SG-1, TEAM ATLANTIS & TEAM UNIVERSE) who compete in various challenges during contest phase. You must be a member and join one of the teams in order to participate.

Challenges include graphics, writing, puzzles, games... all sorts of things and it's LOADS of fun! Membership is currently OPEN for Phase 4!!!


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New Year Challenge

It's been a loooong time since the last challenge. This comm is way too quiet and I thought I should start the new year with a new challenge.

The rules are simple:

1. There is no deadline.
2. There is no format except it needs to include some h/c.
3. There is no minimum or maximum word count.
4. Everyone can participate, no sign up involved. Just post a story that fills the criteria.
5. Write a fic that fills in at least two of these prompt words. You can include more if you want a greater challenge.

There may be banners involved for those who participate. I can't make any promisses though.

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Screencapture of my Prompt words generator. Just go there whenever you want inspiration.
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Link List Update

Since I'm going back to writing my fanfic, I thought I should check out the link list I had on this community.

I updated the links that weren't working with new addresses and I'm adding a whole lot of new ones.

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I checked all of these today (Nov 1, 2010). If there is any not working just let me know.

Easter 2010 Fic Exchange: Poker Night by Sterenyk Strey

Title: Poker Night
Author: Sterenyk Strey
Recipient: SanGate
Characters: John Sheppard. Eventual team. Borrowed OC. See A/N
Spoilers: Inquisition
Warnings: torture/profanity
Disclaimer: the usual
Word count: 17k +
Summary: "You tried to escape, John." Uh, no, lady. He really didn't. He'd been too caught up in struggling to die. Maybe that's what she meant.

Sheppard amnesia challenge

Hi, I'm posting this for a friend, who has just started watching SGA and reading the fan fiction.  Plot bunnies are just attacking her with lightning speed!

Here's her request:

Sheppard wakes up in his room on Atlantis with no memory of who he is or where he is. He goes out of his room and discovers that he's the only person on Atlantis. Everything but the gate works. He can't find any evidence of something going wrong - for him to be alone or why the gate isn't working. Exploring the city, he finds that the computer laptops work and starts going through them, learning about the city and the people there. Eventually he discovers Rodney's lab and begins going through the work logs and finds out that the science department had been working on shifting things out of phase using some Ancient do-hickey and that he was helping with the experiment.

It'd be a cool story just because we'd get to see just how smart Sheppard is because he'd have to complete the experiment or fix it and come back from being out of phase (of course, he'd probably assume at first that the rest of the expedition are the ones out of phase until the clue bus hits him that if this was true - the gate would still dial out), also the story would work well with getting into learning about himself and his friends because he'd have to learn about them from reading their logs, journals, video files, and mission reports. Though I don't think that Ronon would be too much with the computer logs/journal thing but it'd be cool for Sheppard to find written journals of Ronon's.

(though in my head I could see Ronon's written journals being letters to Melena, and could point to him sorta asking for her blessing, in a way, for Ronon to feel something more for Sheppard than just as a friend. that's just cuz they're my OTP and I think it'd be an awesome way for Ronon deal with guilt over falling for someone else and also for Sheppard to understand more about Ronon. This wouldn't be essential for the main plot of the story though.)

After he gets 'back', (his memories completely restored) Sheppard finds out that Rodney and the others thought they'd pretty much vaporized him but then he explains what happened and that he fixed things himself and how he did it and the others are surprised and impressed that he'd done it all on his own. Though it might also be a cool way to employ the Sentient!Atlantis idea in a way. Even if she can't outright help with fixing things, she can point Sheppard to things to help him learn about himself and the others.

Story could be totally gen but it'd also be a great way to do a cool amnesia fic with some Sheppard/Ronon since I haven't found any of those yet. But if you like the idea - have at it!

Anyone want to take a shot?
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Beer and Pizza by wildcat88

Title: Beer and Pizza
Author: wildcat88
Word Count: ~5200
Characters: Team, Zelenka, Lorne
Rating: Gen/PG
Summary: Two people are stranded on a mountaintop during a mission and John must rescue them before time runs out.
A/N: Written for the Easter fic exchange for stella_pegasi. Hope you enjoy! Thanks to kristen999 for the beta.

Link to Beer and Pizza

Posting for a friend...

Hi everyone!

I'm posting this for a friend, who is slightly new to SGA fan fiction and who has just watched all five seasons of SGA!  She posted this at her LJ and asked if I would post this here!  It's such a great fic idea, I couldn't just let it sit by!

Here goes:

"I'd like to find a really nice long darkfic where Atlantis takes over Sheppard completely from the very beginning of the expedition. The idea is that every Ancient could share in interfacing with Atlantis but they always had one person be her 'voice' in case of crisis and they actually rotated with this duty daily but since Sheppard is the only person with the gene strong enough to do it she doesn't let him go.

But the only way that this would work is if as soon as Sheppard arrived through the gate and she started powering up systems, one of them would be the drive to raise them to the surface and so there was no serious drain on the remaining ZPM. And since there was no need to find an immediate evacuation site, the Wraith weren't immediately woken up and Sumner wasn't killed. They're able to test out the chair and Sheppard is immediately 'installed' as the voice of Atlantis and able tell them what systems they can and cannot use immediately in order to spare the remaining power on the ZPM. Weir tries to have McKay disconnect Sheppard from Atlantis but Sumner overrides her because Sheppard is military and with him in the chair it aids in the safety and security of the expedition. There is also the fact he doesn't like Sheppard because of his record, and also that he'd already planned on keeping Sheppard stuck with a duty that only meant he stayed in the city and dealt with the ancient technology. Sheppard being tied to Atlantis' computers fits his ideas perfectly. And Sheppard doesn't have to remain in the chair, but he's sort of stuck with others leading him because he can't care for himself and work out problems that need fixing within the city at the same time. McKay pretty much has him bottled up in his lab most of the day dealing with problems and then sends for someone to take Sheppard to his room for downtime. It's easier for them to fix problems if they're able to just ask the city (through Sheppard) what is going on instead of searching for solutions or inputting fixes themselves.

Of course, someone would somehow wake up the Wraith and all hell would break loose but it'd be cool to see how things would play out."

Anyone feel like taking this on?

Note: Kazbaby asked if I'd add this part as she and another discussed the plot....

Yeah, I think "forcing an SGC member (personally recruited by Jack) to be a man-machine interface" falls under the category of Thing Which We Do Not Approve Of. Unless you do it to yourself, in which case it's okay, although Daniel might disagree.

But at the time they consider it a 'necessity' because they're on their own and in the dark about Pegasus. I'd also think that they (by 'they' I mean Weir) probably ask to speak somehow to Sheppard but he's sorta blissed out on the whole initial experience and not in his right mind at the time she asks him if wants to do it. I'd also think that Atlantis manipulates his response.

Manipulates his response a little, at any rate, because let's face it, Sheppard doesn't exactly have the strongest sense of self-preservation in the galaxy. Throw up some convincing statistics that his mild sacrifice will be for the Greater Good and he'll do stay plugged in indefinitely.

Also, people are a bit scared to do so, especially once they realize how they've been treating him. You see, when the Genii make their inevitable and, in this universe, unexpected invasion attempt, he kills them all with this brain. Okay, technically by turning them inside-out with the inertial dampers, but still. And if he did that to them, people (read: McKay and Sumner) start to worry that if they unplug him and he does turn out to be a wee bit pissed about this entire slavery thing....

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