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Fall H/C fic exchange [signups closed]

***** Signups are now closed!*****

The fandom could use something happy right now, so with the permission of your mod, x_erikah_x, I'd like to introduce a Fall 2008 H/C fic exchange.

It works very much like the Secret Santa ficathons - you sign up here, and you'll be matched with a recipient to write for. The turnaround time on this one is going to be fairly short so that we can get it cleared away before the winter holiday ficathons begin, so please note the deadlines.


1. All stories for this challenge should be gen and 1000 words minimum (no maximum), and should involve h/c in some way. When you make your request, please keep in mind the short turnaround time on the stories -- the end result *can* be long, but your writer shouldn't have to write an epic to accommodate your story idea. *g*

2. Sign-ups close Friday, Aug. 29 at midnight Alaska time. You should get your assignment over the weekend.

3. Stories are due October 1. You can post the whole story here in the community, or post a link to your story elsewhere. Please don't post them before Oct. 1, so that everyone will get their stories at the same time!

4. Please let me know ASAP if you have to drop out so that I can assign a pinch hitter. I'll post a reminder/progress check one week before the due date to check on your progress and ensure that everyone gets a story; at that time I'll need to hear back from you, or your story will go to a pinch hitter, so if you sign up, please watch the comm!

Example request:

Name: someone
Request: Ronon is bitten by a poisonous snake and Teyla has to look after him. Lots of comfort.
Do Not Want: Anyone else getting hurt too; excessive medical details
I Prefer to Write: Ronon whump, but will write h/c with any combination of the main team, Zelenka or Lorne. I like writing prison/torture scenarios.
I Will Not Write: Woolsey whump, infirmary scenes, broken limbs, permanent disability

Thank you again to x_erikah_x for letting me use the comm for this. Feel free to comment or PM with any questions. :)
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