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Holiday Hurt/Comfort Comment Fic

*knocks on people's screens*

Do you still remember me? I won't be upset if you don't. It's your friendly and absent mod. I forgot to close the Halloween challenge and it's already December! Where did time go? And even with a whole extra month we didn't get stories. I guess everyone got busy with Big Bang and Secret Santas.

So, hoping to get some kind of activity around these parts, I'm opening a comment fic exchange. Any characters welcomed!

The rules for this challenge are simple. Simply comment to this post with your prompts and have a look at everyone else's prompts. If you see something you'd like to write, just reply to the commenter with the story. Simple, huh? So let's get cracking and give each other warm hugs and fics so we can spend our December surrounded by love and whump!

Rules, because I can't live without them:

* Reply to this post with a prompt in order to participate. If you drop a prompt, you don't necessarily need to write a comment fic to someone, but it'd be really nice if you did. Also, the recipient might feel happy enough to write you something in return. Spreading the love is good.

* The prompts must contain the characters you want in the fic, wich one(s) will be whumped, and any details you'd like to provide. Example in the first comment (my own prompt request).

* Please, stay gen. Canon pairings may appear.

* If you see a prompt that you'd like to write for, go ahead. Reply to the comment with your fic, but remember the character limit in a comment. If the story is too big, split them and post the replies in parts, but number the parts in sequence. Remember, comment fics are short.

* Let the muse run wild through the replies. Comment fics are not only short, but also quickly written.

* Put title and rating to your comment fic in the subject line.

* If the prompt you want to write for already has a comment fic attached to it, no problem. You can still write another fic to the same prompt. The more the better.

* Any characters welcomed.

* Be as specific or as vague as you want when posting prompts. Post as many as you want.

* One prompt per comment.

* You can track comments in this post to receive the replies, prompts and fics, in your inbox.

* Pimp this if you want more people to participate.

To pimp, copy and past this in a post:

It'll look like this:


Post a prompt | See the prompts | Read stories
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